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Thank you for taking the time to learn how Loog Guitars can help you help your students feel more engaged and make more progress in the their musical journey.

Our main goal here at Loog is to stimulate kids to play music; we are NOT interested in just providing a shortcut or a new gimmicky method; what we want to do is to make kids feel engaged from day one so that they can better understand music fundamentals. In fact, in this guide you’ll find how to integrate Loog Guitars to traditional music methods, including Suzuki, Kodály and Orff. Our goal is not to compete with these, but to show you how Loog Guitars can easily coexist with other instruments and your own current curriculum.

We see Loog Guitars as intrinsically attached to the STEAM educational approach, which adds Arts and design to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields of education. Kids exposed to these fields of knowledge will be further encouraged to become group players and thrive, aptly preparing them for college, work and the real world.

We share your love of being a part of kids’ early fascination with music and will deeply enjoy working with you in their music education.

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