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Introducing #LoogFest: An Online Festival for Kids and Families

We’re thrilled to launch Loog Fest today, the first (we think!) online festival for kids and families, broadcast live from Loog Guitars’ instagram account. Ready for a new reason to love weekends?  We wanted to do something. We wanted to bring you something. We wanted to offer a platform for artists to work these days. And we wanted to create something that families can enjoy at home, together, for free.

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Loog Friends Recommend: Kidding Around NYC

Looking to bring your younger kids into the family band? Kidding Around got your back! In this new section we’ve named “Loog Friends Recommend”, our fave stores that carry the Loog Guitar recommend other musical toys and playthings to entertain young ‘uns and start tickling their musical fancy.

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Loog Guitar Resources: A Music Teacher Tackles Parents’ Questions

Getting your Loog Guitar in the mail is the best feeling ever, and we live on videos showing kids’ reactions to their new musical best friends. But for parents who don’t know how to play the guitar, it can be tough to answer their kids’ first questions (and we all know kids LOVE making questions we can’t answer). So what can we do to help them start their learning process with the right foot? 

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A Message from Rafa

Hello, rockstar. I hope you and your loved ones are well and healthy. I'm blown away by the messages and photos you share with us these days. Please keep them coming. To know that our guitars are helping some of you get through these crazy times, really makes my day. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

 While we try to make sense of this weird movie we are all starring in, I wanted to share some things we are doing to make the most out of this stressful situation.

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