The Loog Labor Day Weekend Playlist

We’ve created our own playlists in the past but this is a first: we just got this one in our inbox, created by one of our Twitter followers, @muuums. So we obviously went straight to Grooveshark and turned it into a shareable experience so all of you could enjoy it.

The reason why we loved it so much is that all of the songs have this unique playful, summery quality to them. Labor Day usually marks the end of summer but it’s a good reminder that there are still 20 or so days to go. So get outside, unleash your inner child and make it worthwhile! It’s going to get cold soon enough.

Long weekends are a perfect excuse for this and Labor Day Weekend makes the perfect setting for a hiking trip, an outside barbecue (to the sweet sounds of the Labor Day Weekend Playlist, of course), music and food festivals or any family activity set outside. Our recommendation? Take the Loog with you and jam outside

So, here’s @muuums‘ Labor Day Playlist. Have a great long weekend!


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