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And The Loog Winner Is…

The moment you’ve already been waiting for has finally arrived! After clear, thorough inspection and playlist-making of your favorite songs of 2013, we’re ready to say that you’ve all got incredible taste in music. Oh, and we have a winner for our Third Annual Loog Guitar Giveaway. Before we have the honor of announcing him […] -- Find out more at

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Happy Loog Year :-)

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy – where do I even start? This year was huge for Loog Guitars, from start to end. Let’s start with the facts. SHOWS AND AWARDS: This year, we attended our first NAMM Show ever and were selected for the NAMM Media Preview Day over thousands of exhibitors. And before […] -- Find out more at

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The Third Annual (!) Loog Guitar Giveaway

**UPDATE: Entries for the Loog Guitar Giveaway have already been closed, but feel free to continue sharing your favorite songs of 2013!** This was a super special year for us – we know we say that every year, but you guys are making every single year even better than the last! We’ll be recapping the […] -- Find out more at

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Flying With Your Loog Guitar

Ever since the United Breaks Guitars video went viral, everyone’s well aware that guitars and planes just don’t mix. But with the holidays just around the corner, there’s a chance that you’ll eventually find yourself in the same old predicament with your Loog Guitar. You have to take it with you flying back home (or […] -- Find out more at

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